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Letter to the Editor: Three letter word is behind it all

By Sun Advocate

With due respect to Dean Nyffeler and his birth right to express his opinions, (Sun Advocate letter to editor Nov. 18) please allow me to reply to some of his statements.
He maintains that by invading Iraq our brilliant generals sent one of the largest armies in the world scurrying home and Bush was right invading Iraq. Comparing the U.S. losses with that of World War II is ludicrous.
Without exhausting all diplomatic resources available and not seeking the cooperation of other than Great Britain through the United Nations, a can of worms has been opened in Iraq and the middle east that appears to have no end. By “going it alone” and making swarthy statements such as “bring them on”, the theatrical landing on the aircraft carrier under the banner, “Mission Accomplished,” Bush, in his flight suit, has certainly not endeared himself to the rest of the world as is evidenced by the recent protests in England.
Every day brings news of our service men getting killed in Iraq for who knows what: searching for weapons of mass destruction, evidence of nuclear weapons activity and ties to the terrorists responsible for 9/11. None of this has been found.
Our military tore up Iraq and now we send $87 billion dollars to rebuild the country. That’s $87 billion for the benefit of companies like Haliburton and Bechtol and their close ties to the current administration in Washington. How $87 billions dollars spent in our own country would alleviate the crisis we have in education, health care,hospitals, highway maintenance, etc.
May I suggest that anyone interested in what really is going on in Iraq and Washington do this. Go to your nearest library and look for the Nov. 17 issue of Newsweek magazine, the one with the cover photo of the appointed vice-president and his relationship with the appointed president, to get a good picture of the situation.
There is a three lettered word on what’s behind our preemptive war in Iraq and it’s spelled o-i-l.
There is very little consolation to be taken in the fact that the casualties occurring daily in Iraq do not compare with those in the war with Japan and Germany.

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