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Letter to the Editor: Give us the tools

By Sun Advocate

Several years ago we were promised by UDOT that several measures would be taken to make winter driving over Soldier Summit safer. We were told that a camera would be installed so that we could check road conditions on the internet before embarking on a trip. Also overhead signs were installed to warn us of accidents and road conditions at either end of the canyon. Last week an article appeared in the Sun Advocate that also mentioned using the information on the signs to assist with assessing the conditions before traveling over the canyon.
In the past month I have needed to travel over the mountain for business three times. Each time I checked the signs as I entered the canyon. Nothing was on the signs. No warnings or road conditions. Each time I hit snow, slick roads and white out conditions. Each trip could have been canceled or rescheduled to avoid risky travel, but I was well into the canyon before I encountered the conditions.
I have also tried to find the cameras or a site for UDOT so that I could see road conditions before heading out. The UDOT road condition site did have a listing for road conditions but the information was over 12 hours old. I have not tried the new 511 line for road conditions yet. Will it be updated often enough to be useful?
I applaud the improvements that UDOT has made on Highway 6, but give us the tools you have promised to allow us to decide when we need to avoid the dangerous weather conditions that commonly plague that route. Please turn on the cameras and post road conditions on the sign routinely.

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