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School district reports progress

By Sun Advocate

Under the accountability provisions in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, all public schools are evaluated for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Schools, districts, and the state are required to meet AYP criteria on two indicators: participation in testing and language arts and mathematics criterion-referenced test (CRT) scores.
This AYP report is based on scores for tests taken in the spring of 2003. In future years, attendance and graduation rates will be included as a third criterion for assessing AYP.
Some school results may seem confusing. For example, a school may be doing a very good job as a whole but fail to achieve AYP for a particular subgroup of students. Schools also may not achieve AYP because the numbers of students tested was too low or because of unacceptable levels on attendance or graduation rates. These and other factors determine if schools are achieving AYP.
In Carbon School District, the following schools made AYP as determined by student performance in all subgroups in the reported indicators: Castle Heights Elementary, Creekview Elementary, Sally Mauro Elementary, Wellington Elementary, Helper Junior High, Mont Harmon Junior High, East Carbon High School, Castle Country Youth Center, and the Lighthouse Learning Center.
Carbon High School did not achieve AYP according to NCLB because the number of students participating in the testing was less than the 95 percent required. Petersen Elementary did not make AYP progress because student scores in the student special education subgroup in language arts and mathematics did not reach the established criteria. No Title I schools in Carbon School District are in school improvement.

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