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CEU Takes Two from North Idaho



By Sun Advocate

Kami Blackburn takes a jump shot.

The Lady Eagles took two from North Idaho College last weekend in a conference series at College of Eastern Utah.
Four CEU players hit double digits both nights against North Idaho College.
On Friday, Cassie Warburton lead the team with 12 points. Sister Chelsey Warburton added 11 points, as did Janell Casey and Cheryl Grant.
Grant also had 11 rebounds on the night.
Cassie Warburton was the game high scorer on Saturday night with 16 points.
Kami Blackburn assisted with 12 points and Chelsey Warburton and Lindsey Arnoldus contributed 11 each.
The pair of wins raise CEU to 6-2 in conference play.
College of Southern Idaho is currently leading the Scenic West Athletic Conference standings with an 8-0 record.
The Eagles trail in second place after the two disappointing losses to Dixie College.
CEU will have their opportunity to dethrown CSI after the new year, though.
The Lady Eagles will host the CSI’s Lady Golden Eagles in their first meeting of the year on Jan. 2 and 3.

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