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Letter to the Editor: Why no coverage?

By Sun Advocate

I see news about International Days, news about a motorcycle accident that took two lives, events at the fair -horses-animals-Dutch Oven Cookoff-all kind of sporting events- but no coverage of the annual Miss Carbon County Contest. May I ask why?
It seem that it is important enough an event that should be a highlight in the county. Much effort is put in the affair on the part of the committee to make it outstanding in quality. The participants spend much effort and time in preparing their talent and improve themselves for the competition. It is an opportunity to participate that may not come to them again. They are very deserving of recognition and publicity for their efforts.
Many people made the comment that there is not a lot of activities that take place. We need to be sure that the activities, which do take place, receive adequate publicity.
I feel that the Miss Carbon County Pageant is outstanding and it should have been recognized in the paper.

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