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Letter to the Editor: What America is coming to

By Sun Advocate

Criminalizing virtue, exalting vice: The incredible advance of the organized, militant homosexual lobby over the past decade has been one of the conspiracy’s great triumphs. If Americans do not arouse in themselves a sense of outrage and revulsion sufficient to roll back the rising tide of depravity, this is what we will soon face:: legalized homosexual “unions,” followed by homosexual marriages legally on par with heterosexual marriages; increased persecution and prosecution of individuals and groups (Boys Scouts, Christian schools, churches, religious organizations) for “discrimination … .. intolerance,” and “hate crimes”; abolition of age-of-consent and pederasty laws; mandatory pro-homosexual classes and curricula in all schools.
Destroying beauty, perverting the culture.: Although it might seem impossible that the “entertainment” fare on television or the radio could get more degenerate than it is now, that is not so. The masters of depravity intend to destroy all remaining taboos and turn the media that permeate the American home into non-stop channels of profanity, decadence, and the horrible addictive influence of hardcore pornography.
Banishing God, worshipping Gaia: The ACLU and its subversive allies in the media, the courts, and the legislative halls are pressing their militant, anti-Christian campaign with a new vengeance. If they have their way, the Ten Commandments, public prayer, “In God We Trust,” one nation under God,” Nativity scenes, crosses and crucifixes, Biblical quotations-all of these will be expunged from public buildings, our currency, and all public events. Even private expressions of belief or private displays of religious symbols in the public arena will be prohibited as “divisive.” To fill this vacuum, the new UN Earth Charter would be taught in all schools and posted in all public institutions. Mother Earth, or Gaia, would become the new deity and object of worship.

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