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Letter to the Editor: the grinch stole Christmas

By Sun Advocate

Tonight at the ballet showing of the Grinch, we really saw the Grinch in person.
Right after the first part of the ballet, someone clicked a camera. The Grinch (aka the box office woman) came into the theater and yelled at the top of her lungs, “Someone in this audience has a camera and has assaulted the director. We will not be continuing the performance until that camera is brought to the box office immediately! Move it!”
It was the most outrageous lack of courtesy that we have ever witnessed. Everyone in the audience was stunned and very embarrassed for the man with the camera. It was very upsetting and ruined the night. The spirit of Christmas was then non existent.
Hats off to the performers for picking up and doing such a good job under hostile circumstances. It’s too bad that the staff doesn’t take some “nice” lessons from these wonderful kids.
I guess you can really say that the grinch stole Christmas.

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