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Letter to the Editor: Why the high prices

By Sun Advocate

During the past two weeks two identical articles have been printed in the Sun Advocate indicating how the average price of regular unleaded gasoline has been dropping throughout Utah and the nation, with the average price in various cities in Utah being cited. Curiously Price was one of the cities. Of the towns mentioned only one, Moab, had a higher average price than currently found in Price. As of this writing the “average” price of unleaded regular gasoline in Price is $1.69. This price has not changed during the past three to four months or longer.
Prices in the cities cited above include Ogden at $1.57, Salt Lake at $1.58, Vernal at $1.63, St.George and Provo both at $1.64. The average price in Idaho is $1.65, in Montana $1.61, in Wyoming $1.55, and Colorado $1.52.Other Utah cities not listed in the article and their average prices include: Manti, $1.66, Ephraim $1.64, Mt. Pleasant $1.66 and Fairview $1.65.
Let me repeat. The average price in our local town is $1.69. Is anyone besides myself curious as to why? Does it really cost more to transport gas to Price than to St. George or Manti or are we experiencing a bit of price gouging?

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