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Letter to the Editor: Jalopies for kids meets needs

By Sun Advocate

The Sun Advocate’s article of “Developing youth talents reduces likelihood of negative behavior” on Nov. 11, 2003 is exactly what the Kingsmen Drag Strip Association’s “Jalopies for Kids” program is all about.
Tom Lee, Utah State University Extension Family and Human Development Specialist stated “Youth especially need to feel successful at something. Those who do are less likely to use alcohol or drugs or exhibit other negative behavior to fit in or feel worthwhile.”
We, the Kingsmen Drag Strip Association want to uplift all the youth of our geographic area, no matter what their family income happens to be.
The “Jalopies for Kids” program will give our young adults a chance to own a vehicle with pride and respect. The young adults will actually have to work for their vehicle through jobs around town or community service. It will be a partnership between the association and young adults where we meet each other halfway economically and mechanically.
Yes, mechanically, as association members will work as volunteers one on one with the young adults to buy or build or rebuild a vehicle, within reason.
Whether the young adult already has a vehicle, or not, we will assist as needed, of course, with parent approval. Parents will be encouraged to participate in the positive character building of their offspring.
Not all kids can be high school athletes, but all kids can be good drivers, mechanics, and even educated racers if so chosen.
Drag racing is unique to other motor sports. A drag racer is actually in competition with ones self. Self competition requires constant positive attitude adjustment. Losing a drag race builds character the same way as winning a drag race, maybe even more.
Tom Lee stated, “Provide youth with opportunities to pursue their interests and discover their unique abilities” and “Recognize and praise them for their efforts. Whether they excel in a particular activity or not, youth should be praised for trying. Trying takes courage”. Tom Lee’s article completely describes the intent and purpose of our “Jalopies for Kids” program.
And of course to tie into that the county needs an official drag strip. I believe that facility can be self supporting and will in fact generate revenues for the county. Yes, we all agree Carbon County does have tourism, but a drag strip will put a spot light on our geographic area. With local advertising the out of area spectators and racers will come back to see what else we have to offer.
There is nothing but positive aspects resulting from a quarter mile drag strip. Any possible negative aspect can, and will, be overcome before construction begins.

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