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Online hunter safety now offered in Utah

By Sun Advocate

Utah state law requires that all hunters born after Dec. 31, 1965 have hunter safety training.
Luckily for Carbon County residents, hunter safety courses are now offered on-line.
The on-line course is best suited for adults with some prior knowledge and experience with guns, gun safety and hunting.
Students under 18 years of age must have their parent or legal guardian sign registration and permission forms if they wish to take the Internet course.
However, even the on-line course requires that a student pre-register with a certified instructor who is responsible for administering the final written and shooting examinations.
Dale Harber, certified hunter education instructor in Price, will be testing Internet course students on Saturday, Dec. 13. Classroom instruction, written examination, shooting test, and field exercises are expected to last the entire day.
Anyone interested in pursuing the on-line course must pre-register with Harber and pay all associated fees.
The on-line course takes a student through the traditional hunter education manual, chapter by chapter. Following each chapter is an on-line quiz which must be passed with a 100 percent score in order for a student to proceed to the next chapter.
On-line students can expect to spend between 12-20 hours completing the course. Students must print out all on-line quizzes, and present them to Harber on Dec. 13.
Without these printouts, a student is not eligible to take the final written and shooting examinations.
For more information about the on-line hunter education course, contact Harber at 636-3548.

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