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Letter to the Editor: Time for us to step up to the plate

By Sun Advocate

We would like to respond in favor of Ned Scarlet’s letter entitled “Monetary terrorism” published Nov. 11, 2003 in the Sun Advocate.
All we can add is Amen.
We have listened to all of the controversy over the plight of the Co-Op range from “They’re just a bunch of dumb Mexicans who are waiting for someone to hand it all to them!” to “Well they have had to hire extra aides in our school because they won’t learn the language!”
We are appalled, both at the plight of these miners and their families, and at the negative response from negative people. My questions are to the population in general.
What would you do if you were walking in their shoes? Where is your compassion for human beings that should have the same rights that we have? Are we so complacent that we never think of the plight of others, who have a lot less than we have? Are we so narrow minded and blind that we can’t or won’t lend a helping hand to those who are in a desperate situation on the verge of losing what little they have or ever hoped for. Is our attitude, “I have what I need and to hell with you?”
Come on people. Wake up! Where would we all be today without the strength and hope of generations before us who made it possible for us to live in this relatively safe, secure life. How many of us would find ourselves in the fight for our existence that the Co-Op miners are fighting for today without them?
Where are you labor leaders, religious leaders, politicians and plain old Joe Blow?
Does your existence depend on people like the Co-Op miners who are fighting for their existence, fair pay, equal rights, safe working places, and a better way of life, that further the prosperity of our towns, counties, and our nation to the betterment for all of us?
We believe that it’s time for all of us to step up to the plate.

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