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Letter to the Editor: Bush was right to do what he did

By Sun Advocate

This letter is in regards to Dave Boucher’s letter entitled “The time has come” published on Nov.4,2003 in the Sun Advocate.
First of all I must applaud you, by referring to a three sentence opinion in the SLC anti establishment newspaper you made most people think that a rational adult wrote a rational opinion piece. As far as I am concerned Mr. Montano’s letter did not make sense.
By invading Iraq our brilliant generals sent one of the largest armies in the world scurrying home instead of threatening Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Arab Emirates, etc. Oh, they also removed some of the threat to the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. They only lost 89 of our soldiers and our losses are still only a little over a hundred. We lost more people in both Japan and Germany after WWII.
Second, the Constitution says that the President should provide for the common defense first and foremost, therefore, Bush would have been shirking his duties with the information he has if he allowed the Iraq threat to continue to fester for 12 more years. I guess it is hard for the son of fighter pilot who is also an F105 pilot to ignore a threat.
Third, the Constitution is very clear that the government does have specific responsibilities to its citizens and states them in order. It should first provide for the common defense, and only then promote the general welfare. If everyone is afraid to fly and staying home in their secure rooms, I don’t know how anyone would get their mail. No one would be willing to walk around and deliver mail even in Helper. Who knows what would come in the mail blowing Price or Willow Creek Canyons right into Helper.
Fourth, for those that can read a satellite I suggest you order the French SPOT satellite photos from just before the war. You can get very good resolution photographs for a reasonable price. You will notice many vehicles headed to Syria and even Iran and Jordan. Traffic was up over 300 percent. We know some of the semis were carrying much of Iraq’s gold but what else of worth do you think the Bathists might have wanted to get away from the World and into Bathist Syria. Weapons of mass destruction and the scientists in charge of their development programs come to mind.
Fifth, Saddam tried to control most of the worlds oil supply by attacking the Mullahs in Iran for eight years. When that didn’t work he went after Kuwait and only stopped at the Saudi border because of our hidden bases and equipment in the Saudi Desert.
I do have to agree with you about the income tax. Both Iran and Russia have learned from our mistakes and have gone to flat taxes of 15 percent. That is even lower than what Steve Forbes proposed during the last election.

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