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Large volume of ’03 property tax mailings returned to treasurer

By Sun Advocate

The Carbon County Trea-surer’s Office mailed 2003 property tax notices to local residents on Oct. 28.
But an extremely large volume of the assessments were returned to the county office by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable due to insufficient or inaccurate mailing addresses.
Outdated rural route addresses for people residing in unincorporated areas of the county accounted for a significant number of the returned property tax notices, pointed out treasurer Marilyn Graham during an interview last week.
Numbered street addresses have replaced the rural route postal delivery system Carbon County’s unincorporated areas.
But numerous involved residents have neglected to provide the treasurer’s office with the related address changes, continued Graham.
By law, all Utahns must submit the 2003 property tax payments to county treasurers’ offices by Dec. 1 or face delinquency penalties.
Carbon County citizens who have not received 2003 property tax assessments should contact the treasurer’s office as soon as possible, emphasized Graham.
Residents may call the treasurer at 637-3258 or visit the office, located in the county courthouse on Main Street in Price.
Pursuant to state statute, the treasurer’s office must include unpaid assessments or payments postmarked after Dec. 1 on the county’s delinquent property tax list.
Delinquent taxes on separately assessed properties are subject to a 2 percent penalty or $10, whichever is greater.
Unless delinquent taxes and penalties are submitted before Jan. 16, residents face paying an additional 6 percent interest rate on the amounts owing.

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