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Letter to the Editor: Paper has given soldiers good support

By Sun Advocate

On September 25 the 1457th Engineer Battalion, Company A, were honored to have a video telephone conference for the soldiers and their families in the Price Armory. Richard Shaw, a reporter with the Sun Advocate was asked by one family to be included in their conference and take pictures. Because this function involved Tooele, Mt. Pleasant and Price residents, Sgt. Tatton felt it was an inappropriate time for media attendance because of the many participating families and because this was the “trial run.” Technical problems and family privacy must be considered for the entire company. The families would have only six minutes each with their soldiers. This was the first time in seven months the families have “seen” their soldier and therefore, could have been a very emotional occasion.
Mr. Shaw was understanding, explaining that he would like to have regular spreads on the soldiers from our local area, both in the National Guard and in the full time military. Sgt. Tatton thanked him for his understanding and looked forward to working with him on any future articles about our 1457th Engineers.
A Wasatch Front reporter had come to Price on September 24 to cover the annual ESGR meeting. At this meeting the reporter and I discussed some “unusual” stories about our local families. One young couple was the Troy Archuleta family and the birth of their new son. The reporter interviewed this family here at the armory that same day, making arrangements for a photographer to come again the following day for the VTC. The Family Assistance Center and Unit Administrator were unaware of these arrangements.
We want our community to be aware of the outstanding support the Sun Advocate has shown for our soldiers and their families. Richard Shaw, especially, has provided the entire community with terrific spreads on the soldiers, their activities and missions. The newspaper also provides several complimentary subscriptions to the Sun Advocate and Emery County Progress every week to be sent over to the soldiers. It is one package they all look forward to receiving.
We apologize for any misunderstandings between the National Guard and the Sun Advocate on the feature story printed in the Salt Lake Tribune, rather than in our local paper. Be assured that the Sun Advocate will be the first paper invited to our next video telephone conference, provided all families involved agree to having the media present.

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