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Dinos vs. Rabbits: Carbon football hosts fourth ranked Delta



By Sun Advocate

Defensive back Bryan Stewart wrestles with a Delta ball carrier during the Friday night game at Carbon. The Rabbits defeated the Dinos, 16-7.

For Carbon High football, the defense continues to shine and the offense continues to struggle.
According to head coach Jeff Jorgensen, the Dino defense has consistently had a strong showing in the majority of Carbon’s games while the Dino offense has been unable to consistently convert on their opponents mistakes.
“Our defense has played really well all season,” Jorgensen commented. “We’ve just gotta stop hurting ourselves offensively.”
Friday’s game against Delta was no exception. Carbon lost to the Rabbits 16-7 despite a 7-0 lead at the half.
A Delta fumble set up the first half score. Timmy Urbanik ran in the goal and Justin Blackham kicked the extra point.
However, Carbon did not convert on Delta’s fumbles and penalties in the second half, leaving Delta with the only major offensive drives in the third and fourth quarter.
“I really felt that the best team lost,” Jorgensen asserted. “But Delta needs to be complemented for playing hard and staying there when they could have folded.”
In the third, Delta intercepted a Carbon pass for a long return to put them within the Dinos’ 20 yard line.
They eventually scored off the interception, despite a Dino stand that left the Rabbits fourth and goal with one yard remaining. The two point conversion attempt that followed was successful.
Delta added its second score to the board near the end of the game on a long pass reception. Another two point conversion put the Rabbits out of reach.
According to Jorgensen, the win moved Delta up in the rankings, taking the team from fourth to second.
“The kids gave a valiant effort,” Jorgensen noted. “We just need to learn how to take the ball and shove it down people’s throats when they give it to us.”
This week’s matchup will pit the Dinos against the Lehi Pioneers.
Jorgensen said the team is focusing on limiting long plays defensively, as Lehi’s quarterback is known for the ability to throw well on the run.
Offensively, he said the team is familiar with the defense that Lehi runs and just needs to execute.
“We have to start making plays,” he concluded.
The Lehi game is Oct. 3 at Lehi.

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