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CEU Sun Center Hosts State Contingency



By Sun Advocate

CEU Sun Center director Kathy Murray, Romer Ferrer from the Phillipines, the America Reads project chairperson, SUN Center President Amy Callor and Jed Lloyd, student body president hold the “Get A LIFE” poster.

Students Serving Utah Network is a statewide organization made up of one student representative from each college and university’s service learning center in Utah. CEU is represented in this organization, with the SUN Involvement Center’s President, Amy Callor, as the representative.
Each academic semester SSUN plans a big event to add more focus to one particular issue. For example, last fall the project was a month long food drive coordinated at each higher education institution. This food drive raised funds and non-perishable food items for their local food banks. According to Callor it was a great success.
This year SSUN planned an enormous state-wide tour to visit each college and university campus. The 10 higher education representatives visited the College of Eastern Utah Sept. 12 and presented to them the “Get A Life” campaign.
The college had the SUN Center director, Kathy Murray, the College of Eastern Utah’s Vice-President of Academics, Cliff Coppersmith, the student body president, Jed Lloyd, CEU’s Ambassadors, Student Government, and SUN Center leaders and volunteers out that day welcoming these students from across the state.
SSUN challenged each campus to “Raise Your Voice” and follow the advice Winston Churchill once gave.
“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
Their focus this year is on civic engagement and service learning across the state.
The College of Eastern Utah’s SUN Center President, Amy Callor echoes the challenge, “get involved with your service centers and make a life by giving. We all need happiness in our lives and the first step is to ask what you can do for your neighbor.”
The CEU SUN Center has projects that you can get involved with almost every day of the week. Some issues involve the Carbon County Food Bank, America Reads Program at each Carbon County elementary school, Headstart, the Kids At Heart Program held at Castle Heights Elementary school, Active Re-Entry, the Golden Rule Mission in Helper, and many more.
October 27 will be the first night of the SUN Center’s annual Bread-n-Soup Night which will run five consecutive Mondays before Thanksgiving. These funds from Bread-n-Soup Night will be donated to the Carbon County Food Bank.

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