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Local Mini Mx Racers Race in Championship Race



By Sun Advocate

Racers of all ages can participate in motocross.

Local racers Nikell Tamllos, Brianne Akers and Dayton Jaramillo competed in the First Annual West Best Mini MX race, which took place Sept. 6-7 in Ogden.
Young riders from all over the west competed in the races. Jaramillo placed second place in the heads-up race on his Yamaha PW 80. Tamllos raced a Suzuki DRZ 110 and took seventh place in the heads-up competition, as well as finishing fourth in the powder puff race.
Akers took ninth place on her Polini x150.
All three racers travel during the summer to compete in various tournaments. They are the youngest members of the Carbon Emery Motorcycle Association.
Former Carbon County resident Jordan Martak also raced in the Mini MX competition. He took 11th place, but gave his trophy to a rider who was disqualified for bike modification.
The youth said they are excited for the local track to be finished so that they can race in front of a local crowd.

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