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Credit Union employees collect food



By Sun Advocate

Terri Lott and Helen Guymon with a pickup of food headed to the Food Bank.

When the employees of Carbon Credit Union heard that the local Food Bank cupboards were bare, they decided to help out.
Employees carted sacks of food and the box in the credit union lobby began to fill up. Many of Carbon Credit Union’s members brought in food deposits with their regular daily deposits. Other credit union members made cash donations. Carbon Credit Union added to the money donated by their members, with money employee’s raised by selling Navajo tacos at East Carbon Community Daze. More non-perishable food was purchased and a total of 2100 pounds of much needed food was delievered to the Carbon County Food Bank on Monday, Sept. 8. A sewing project is currently in the works for Primary Children’s Medical Center. For more information contact Rene at 637-2443.

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