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Letter to the Editor: Unity not diversity is our strength

By Sun Advocate

Its been 40 years since Martin Luther King gave a speech in which he said that he had a dream. His dream was that someday his children could be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
Now because of a recent Supreme Court ruling, the policies of academia, and the constant reminders from the diversity people that we are all different, Martin Luther Kings dream is farther away than ever from becoming a reality.
Most of the people in our country desire to leave racism and bigotry in the past where it belongs. Many people have learned and practice Kings’ dream of looking at character, not color. The multiculturalists who are constantly preaching diversity are simply using past hatred to further their own political power. For our country to remain strong we need to be of one culture, unified by shared ideals of individual freedom and equality before the law, not separate groups divided by every conceivable difference. Unity not diversity is what will keep us strong.
Although disgusted with the trend of some people to keep our nation divided into separate groups I believe we can take heart. The people King spoke to, not academia or the Supreme Court, will set the course for our nation. When this day comes Martin Luther Kings’ dream of being judged by character not color will only then become a reality.

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