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East Carbon topples Wasatch Academy



By Sun Advocate

First basemen Nick Lucero calls off his team for an infield fly to end the inning. Lucero made the out, contributing to East Carbon’s 8-3 win Friday over Wasatch Academy. The win makes the team 1-2 for the season.

In a battle of the bats, East Carbon baseball triumphed over Wasatch Academy 8-3.
Freshman Chris Candelaria led off the first inning with a dropped fly to ignite the Vikings’ offense into a batting frenzy. Candelaria’s teammates followed up with three hits, scoring two.
Defensively, the Vikings gave only a few back. Pitcher Bryant Bridge struck out eight and overwhelmed the Tigers with a variety of off-speed pitches.
Bryant also boosted the team offensively with an RBI double and single.
Assistant coach Lucas Ingram said Bridge pitched a great game.
“He told me his goal is to play in college,” Ingram said. “I think he will if he keeps his head in it.”
East Carbon had 15 hits for the game.
East Carbon’s second game of the double header was rained out after the third inning. The Vikings were leading 5-1.
A make-up game will be rescheduled later in the season, time permitting.
Coach Ryan Hepworth said the team’s offense was much improved from their last game, although he said they left too many runners stranded on base.
“We had some things go our way,” Hepworth noted. “We hit the ball much better and we were aggressive on the bases.”
Carbon will play Manilla away this Friday.
Singles, Bridge; Candelaria (2); Clinton; Farlaino (2); Hepworth; K Leonard (2); Lucero; J. Stewart (2).
Doubles, K Leonard; Farlaino; Bridge.

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