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Carbon loses homecoming: changes result



By Sun Advocate

Carbon’s Julian Montoya tries to escape the grasp of Union during Friday night’s homecoming game. Montoya had another strong performance in the game and is leading Carbon in rushing yards. Carbon lost the game 14-7, making it their second loss of the season by a touchdown.

After three close games with only one win, Coach Jeff Jorgensen is changing some things in Carbon’s football program.
He started by firing himself.
Jorgensen said he is no longer going to be the offensive coordinator. Brad Fausett will take over, making all offensive calls for the team.
“I took myself out of the equation,” Jorgensen commented. “We need a change and I know I did the right thing putting Brad in.”
In Friday night’s Homecoming game, the Dinos lost to Union 14-7. The Dinos led the Cougars 7-6 going into the half, but were unable to hold on for a win.
“I hate Homecoming,” Jorgensen said. “It has everything in the world to distract us from what counts. I know a lot of people would argue, but they’re wrong.”
Julian Montoya scored the team’s only touchdown in the Friday night game.
Montoya, who played for the team as a sophomore, left for his junior year when his family relocated to Colorado.
Jorgensen said the team was glad to have him back.
Montoya is leading the team in rushing yards. He averaged 150 yards in the first two games of the season and ran for over 100 against Union.
Jorgensen also said his offensive line is behind the team’s offensive success. However, he said that they often don’t receive the credit they deserve.
“You don’t rush for as many yards as we have with a poor offensive line,” Jorgensen stated. “But the line is always overlooked. Even their mothers don’t understand offensive line play.”
In addition to some offensive modifications, Jorgensen plans on some big changes with his defense.
Jorgensen said the staff is not pleased with the performance of some defensive players.
“Some players are not doing what they’re coached,” Jorgensen asserted. “They’ve had three games to clear it up and they haven’t.”
This week’s practice will be devoted to making these changes before the Wasatch game on Friday.
Kickoff is at 7 p.m. at Carbon.

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