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The Sports View

By Sun Advocate

During my years as a sports enthusiast/athlete, I have stumbled upon one universal truth; soccer kids drink the coldest beverages and get the tastiest treats.
Yet, soccer teams don’t have some secret athletic fund for bottled water and cupcakes.
In fact, many high school soccer teams aren’t even sactioned by the school, including Carbon High’s girls team.
Parents and coaches are usually left with the financial expense and the time burden of making a soccer team happen. And, they do an outstanding job of it.
It is beyond me why soccer players have always seemed to be the lepers of the athletic field, but at times I wonder if they are better off being the outcasts.
Club coaches are often parents and experienced athletes in the sport, not teachers.
Now I think some teachers make excellent coaches. But lets face it: some don’t.
It is also a positive that soccer parents get more involved based on the need.
More sport programs need to have the type of parental support that is shown on the soccer field and other club programs.
The question for me is this: are club teams great despite the lack of support or because of it?
I believe that all sports are created equal. But, I would hate to see soccer and the other club programs become another bureaucratic school entity.
I anticipate and dread the day when soccer is listed as a sanctioned school sport.
The kids deserve the school’s sponsorship and support.
But it sure complicates things.

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