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Letter to the Editor: Targeting certain weapons doesn’t work

By Sun Advocate

The so-called 1994 “Assault Weapons” Ban will sunset in 2004 unless renewed.
A 1999 Department of Justice study on the effects of this gun ban indicated that the significant impact on gun related crime as a result of the ban was not realized. So-called “assault weapons” are only very rarely used in crime.
Any citizen who wants to purchase any firearm has to pass a background check. These background checks prevent criminals from buying firearms.Therefore the “assault weapons” ban only affects law-abiding citizens.
Targeting a certain group of firearms based on cosmetic and ergonomic features and magazine capacity does not make sense to me.
There has been no substantive evidence presented that the ban has had any significant effect on reducing crime. It has produced no worthwhile public safety benefit. It represents an egregious infringement on second amendment rights.
I will not vote for, or support, any candidate that votes for any new restriction on gun ownership by law-abiding citizens, or who attempts to get such legislation to the floor for a vote.

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