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I’m Dreaming Of a Deep, Slushy, Wet, White Christmas

By Sun Advocate

The other day I was looking at some old issues of the Sun Advocate, in particular those that came out around my birthday. You see every once in a while I have to remind my kids that I didn’t actually see the Huntington Mammoth when I was a kid and that human beings were well established on this planet in 1952.
While perusing through those old issues I found one that was dated mid-December 1951. In one little box at the bottom of the front page I noted that listed there were snow depths for the various towns in the county. Of course some of the coal camps up Spring Canyon and in the Consumers area at that time had some pretty good depths at that point. Then I looked at Price. Since the snow had started to fly in October of that year, the city had recorded 52 inches. And apparently it just kept snowing that winter, and by the spring a number of places were flooded out, because the weather warmed up fast and the water poured out of the drainages in the county.
Now I am not one to wish for a mess or that anyone gets hurt by snow or it’s affects, but wouldn’t it be great to get that kind of moisture this year?
It makes one wonder what we have to do to return to the days of yore, when winters with lots of snow appeared year after year.
Some say the climate of the earth is changing as it naturally does over time, while others blame the drought on global warming.
Personally I blame it on other things.
I think it’s because you can’t buy a five cent Hershey bar anywhere and the ones you can buy for 60 cents don’t taste half as good.
Or maybe it’s because none of the cars on the road have big tail fins anymore.
What about drive in movies. There’s still one open in Mount Pleasant, but almost no where else. Maybe that’s caused the dry climate.
Comic books used to cost a dime then they went to twelve cents. Now you need enough cash to open a certificate of deposit to buy one.
Or maybe it’s that Milton Berle’s not on television anymore, and neither is Sid Ceasar.
Or just maybe Elvis took the water with him when he left the house.

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