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Dino soccer scores high, wins big



By Sun Advocate

Sara Gileadi toggles the ball in front of Granger’s goal while player Brandi Karren looks to assist. Gileadi’s ball manuvering lead to a goal by Karren in the Lady Dino’s 11-0 win.

Carbon ladies soccer was a little one sided on Wednesday afternoon.
Offensive players took over the game, leaving the defense to watch a continuous stream of their teammates’ goals.
Midfielder Tabby Cummins started the offensive drive with two early goals. Cummins scored her third goal of the game later in the first half, chalking up her second hat trick of the season.
Hat trick is a soccer term for a player scoring three goals in the same game.
Lacey Timothy, Brandi Karren and Andraya Newby would also add goals, putting the Dinos up 6-0 at halftime.
The second half went very much the same as the first. Timothy would add two more goals, completing her own hat trick. The final score was 11-0.
Assistant coach Katie Capalbo, a former Carbon player, said her team played aggressively.
“They pass well and communicated,” Capalbo stated. “They were just having fun.”
Capalbo said the Granger win doesn’t prove a lot, though.
Granger, a 5-A school, has only recently developed a team. With such a new program, the whole team is fairly inexperienced.
The junior varsity team also got a win, defeating Granger by seven goals.
Lady Dino’s next home game is Aug. 28 against North Sanpete. They play in the Union Tournament this weekend.

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