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Maintaining health and fitness through bicycling



By Sun Advocate

Dan Larsen and Dave Heiner stay in shape by riding down the streets of Carbon County. Recently, a senior bicycling group formed to promote health and fitness. The group rides weekly throughout the county.

Experts say that daily exercise can reduce the chance of a person suffering from a health related illness later on in life. The rule of thumb is to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes, three days a week.
Even as a person ages, it is important that physical activity continues to take place.
Recently, Carbon County resident, Richard Morley came up with the idea to launch a senior bicycling club. Although he is quick to add that any local resident can join the club, not just seniors.
“My initial idea was to create an activity for the older residents of the community. However, I encourage any citizen to come out and ride. It is important to maintain your health and sometimes it’s easier to participate in an activity with others,” explained Morley.
The bike group recently met for the first time and have set a goal for themselves. In October, the group hopes to be in top condition and will ride from Price to the top of Spring Canyon.
“In the meantime, we will begin to get in shape for the final ride. This will challenge each of us and allow us to become skilled bikers while staying fit,” Morley indicated.
Those interested in participating in the club may contact Morley at 637-8363 for more information.

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