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Sheriff’s department recovers stolen items



By Sun Advocate

Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova and Detective Terry Marshall look at items recovered as a result of a burglary investigation. Marshall said almost all the stolen property was found and will be returned.

A pair of recent burglaries in an industrial area of the county were at first perplexing to the Carbon County Sheriff’s office. But by the end of last week most of the property that had been taken was in police hands and so was a suspect.
“I have to give credit on solving this to Detective Terry Marshall,” said Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova. “He worked very hard on this case, came up with the leads and finished it up.”
The alleged burglaries, which involved two different businesses, had netted the perpetrator between $5,000-$7,000 worth of goods, mostly tools and testing equipment. One of the stolen items was a computer system.
“It took us about a week and a half, but we got almost everything back,” said Marshall as he looked over the stolen materials that were on tables in the sheriff’s department training room. “There were no eyewitnesses to the thefts, but we had a lot of cooperation from many people on this case.”
According to Marshall, all the items had been allegedly sold to other parties, except a piece of hydraulic testing equipment, which the suspect still had.
“He didn’t know who to sell it to because he didn’t know what it was used for,” Marshall noted concerning the suspects actions.
During the investigation Marshall interviewed eight individuals and finally traced the suspect, largely through the sales of the goods.
“We have a lot of cases and the work load for the detectives is pretty heavy. Detective Marshall did a bang up job on this one,” concluded Cordova.

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