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Newly constructed building awaits College of Eastern Utah students



By Sun Advocate

The newly constructed G.J. Reeves building will be opened and ready for students who return to class August 18.

The new G. J. Reeves building is in its final stages and will be ready for the opening day of classes, Aug. 18. Construction on the new facility began in May of 2002.
Funded by the Utah State Legislature in the 2001 session, the building for the Price campus was one of four higher education projects which were bid together as a package. This approach reduced the cost for each of the universities and colleges through consolidation of all construction material purchases, use of identical building modules for classrooms, offices and work areas, and implementation of similar computer and technology design .
“For CEU the results are spectacular,” president Ryan L. Thomas said. “We have the best science facilities in the state.”
The G.J. Reeves building was intentionally designed to mimic the style of the original main building.It has the same red brick with grey cement bands and the entry is an exact replicate.
This requirement was established by the Utah State Historical Division.The division recognized the college would need to replace original historical buildings which cannot be renovated to meet current safety codes.
While the exterior looks like the old main building, a tour of the building shows a modern classroom building which will house all of the science departments, the business and computer programs, and the broadcast learning facilities along with offices for faculty and administration.
The new building is the largest on campus (71,250 square feet). There are 18 general use classrooms (14,210 square feet) which feature tiered seating, cushioned chairs, electronic teaching stations and advanced media capabilities.
Another four classrooms are setup for real-time, interactive broadcast learning which reaches students at 25 different sites in Utah. There are three computer labs equipped with new computers, printers, and savers. The entire administrative computing center has also been relocated to the new facility.
The core sciences chemistry, biology, botany, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, zoology, genetics, physics, geology, geography, paleontology, archeology, museum studies and ecology will be taught in labs and classrooms located on the top floor of the building.
New additions for CEU include two research labs and a two-zone greenhouse.
The new G.J Reeves Building will be dedicated on Saturday, Sept. 20 in conjunction with the 65th anniversary celebration.
The renaming of the College Center will start at 2 p.m. and is open to the public.
The renaming ceremony will be immediately followed by the dedication of the new G.J. Reeves building and guided building tours.

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