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Suv Collides with Motorcycle on U.S. 6, Accident Claims Two Lives

By Sun Advocate

The first multiple fatality traffic accident in two years occurred in Carbon County last Saturday when an sports utility vehicle reportedly crossed the center line on U.S. Highway 6 and collided with an eastbound motorcycle near Sunnyside Junction.
The motorcyclist reportedly died instantly in the collision and the driver of the Dodge Durango was killed when the SUV veered out of control, then rolled off the highway.
The last traffic accident resulting in multiple fatalities occurred in July 2001 when three California men died in a head on collision on U.S. 6 near the top of Cat Canyon.
Killed in Aug. 2 two-vehicle accident were motorcycle rider Josephine Wilbert, age 49 of Washington, and SUV driver Aubrey Dillenback, age 27 of West Valley City.
The mishap occurred at milepost 262.5. last Saturday at 11:27 a.m. No other vehicles were involved in the collision, although Wilbert was accompanied by her husband riding a second Harley Davidson in front of victim when the crash occurred.
The man purportedly told law enforcement investigators that he noticed the Durango start to cross the center line of the highway and turned the motorcycle he was riding to the right in order to avoid a collision with the SUV.
Wilbert was the only rider traveling on the motorcycle at the time of the accident. But six teenage passengers were occupants in the Dillenback vehicle. All occupants traveling in the Durango suffered head and back injuries in connection with the collision.
Response to the fatal accident by local emergency crews was swift. Three Carbon County ambulances arrived at the scene to transport the victims to the hospital for medical treatment.
“The impact of the motorcycle on the Durango’s left front took off the wheel, tore up the fender, took off the door and damaged the passenger door as well,” indicated Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Mark Cooper. “The loss of that wheel caused the driver to lose control and it rolled over two to three times.”
Of the passengers traveling in the Durango, at least one individual was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt when the collision occurred.
The Dodge Durango driver’s seatbelt purportedly broke on the last roll, throwing the victim from the sports utility vehicle.
In total, three occupants traveling in the SUV were ejected from the vehicle during the mishap, according to law enforcement officials.
The preliminary investigation into the incident indicated that no drugs or alcohol appeared to be contributing factors in the crash, stated Cooper.
“Based on our investigation, it appears driver fatigue was probably the cause,” concluded the UHP trooper.

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