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Officers arrest armed suspect

By Sun Advocate

An incident involving law enforcement officers from across Carbon County concluded without violence on Horse Canyon Road following a car chase and a brief standoff on July 30.
The situation reportedly started last Wednesday morning after an attempt to locate call was issued to law enforcement authorities in Carbon and Emery counties.
According to East Carbon Policeman Phillip Holt, law enforcement authorities were advised to be on the look out for 31 year-old Carlyle Otterstrom.
Holt indicated that the suspect was wanted for questioning in connection with the destruction of a business window in Huntington.
At approximately 2:30 p.m. on July 30, Holt was contacted by the Price public safety dispatch center. The dispatchers advised the law enforcement officer that the suspect was reportedly spotted at an address on Denver Avenue in East Carbon and was thought to be suicidal.
The East Carbon officer responded immediately to the residence and knocked on the door but received no response.
According to Holt, the male subject then approached the back yard of the residence where he reportedly found the suspect loading a gun and talking on the telephone.
The Carbon police officer radioed for backup assistance at the scene and Otterstrom purportedly fired a shot into the air.
“I then returned to my patrol vehicle and moved it in front of the residence where the suspect was located. As I did so, Otterstrom jumped in his car and took off. I attempted to pull him over, but he refused to respond and a chase ensued,” explained the East Carbon police officer.
Otterstrom reportedly continued to evade the officer and traveled along Utah Highway 123 toward the Sunnyside Junction.
The subject then turned on to Utah Highway 124, allegedly reaching speeds of approximately 70 miles per hour and dropping to nearly 40 miles per hour at times, indicated Holt. The suspect exited 124 and began to travel Horse Canyon Road toward U.S. Highway 6.
Troopers from the Utah Highway Patrol were advised of the situation and set up spikes in the road approximately two miles from U.S.6.
Otterstrom spotted the spikes and UHP troopers and stopped prior to reaching the temporary road block. Officers immediately began giving orders to Otterstrom to exit the vehicle and he refused explained Holt.
“As we talked with the suspect, we found out that he did have a gun in his possession. After several minutes of negotiating with Otterstrom, he waved the weapon out the window, but did not point it at an officer,” indicated the East Carbon deputy.
Carbon County Sheriff deputies along with Utah Highway Patrol troopers assisted the East Carbon law enforcement agency during the standoff. The East Carbon officer explained that Otterstrom refused to talk with these officers and requested contact with only Holt.
“During the standoff which lasted approximately 45 minutes to an hour, Otterstrom kept repeating that the bullet wasn’t for one of us, it was for him. Therefore, I don’t believe he had any intention of harming any of the police officers,” Holt indicated.
After several intense minutes of negotiations, Otterstrom finally agreed to surrender on the terms that Holt would be the arresting officer explained the East Carbon law enforcement officer.
Otterstrom was arrested and booked into the Carbon County Jail on driving under the influence of an intoxicant (DUI), felony evasion and unlawfully discharging a firearm within city limits offenses, indicated Holt.
“After everything was said and done, we were just thankful that everything ended peacefully. It’s a good feeling to know that no one was hurt in a situation like this and that makes this job rewarding,” concluded Holt.

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