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Fire fighting crews battle to extinguish Thursday morning blaze in mobile home



By Sun Advocate

Emergency personnel focus on extinguishing a fire at a mobile home in east Price last Thursday morning.
The incident put a family out on the street and caused significant concern for nearby neighbors.
According to Price Fire Chief Kent Boyack, the June 26 blaze apparently started when a child was playing with matches or a lighter in the back room of the mobile home, located in Melody Estates.
‘When I arrived, I asked if everyone was out and a young man pointed to another trailer and said ‘My family is over there,” indicated Boyack. ‘Then I asked if he knew what started it and he told me.’
The first public safety dispatch came into the Price City Fire Department at 9:28 a.m.
The blaze quickly enveloped the structure and, by the time fire trucks arrived at the scene, flames were shooting out of nearly every window in the house.
Fire fighting personnel first attacked the flames through the front door and window. Then the crews started into the trailer from the back door of the structure.
The family waited at a nearby home until the members were sent to the county ambulance for treatment for smoke inhalation. A baby was apparently transported to the hospital by a grandfather for what also appeared to be a smoke inhalation problem.
The trailer was a rental unit at the park, owned by Joanne Wilson. The mobile home was a total loss due to fire, smoke and water damage.

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