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Officer Taylor honored



By Sun Advocate

Price Police Chief Alex Shilaos and officer Roger Taylor.

Price Police Chief Alex Shilaos honored officer Roger Taylor with a distinguished service award at a Price city council meeting in May.
The award resulted from an incident in Carbonville where Taylor was assisting the sheriff on a domestic call. When he arrived, several individuals were in the front yard.
Entering the home, Taylor found a male and a female arguing and the outline of a weapon in the male’s pocket. Taylor had been told the male had a weapon and once he arrived, the girl left the house.
The male subject pulled the weapon and Taylor found himself in a face to face standoff. The male was waving his weapon as he ranted and raved. The officer then talked the man into putting down the gun and later Taylor kicked the table out of the way before taking the male into custody.
Chief Shilaos said that Taylor, “Placed himself in danger and his quick thinking saved a life.”

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