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Adams presents city with 21st Century Award



By Sun Advocate

Jeff Adams, planner from the Southeast Utah Association of Local Governments presented the 21st Century Community Award to Price City at their May 28th meeting. The award was awarded to the city because it identified all 13 areas in a new general plan for Price City, which will begin next month.
The different areas included areas of capacity, services, resources, management, and planning and keeps Price Citys eligible for state funding on certain projects.
Recognition was given for completing bronze, silver, and gold level status. The 21st Century Community Award means the city accepted the challenge of continual awareness of the needs of the city. Adams referred to the famous hockey player, Wayne Gretsky, who was quoted as saying, “I skate to where the puck will be.” Adams referred to Price City as working towards the place they need to be in order to grow and better serve the community.

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