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Motorist Injured in Two-vehicle Accident at East Price Interchange on U.S. 6



By Sun Advocate

Emergency crews assist at the scene of a June 23 traffic accident at the east Price interchange on U.S. Highway 6.
The midday Monday mishap involved a small Ford Bronco and a large tractor- trailer rig. The motorist operating the sport utility vehicle incurred serious injuries in connection with the incident.
The large truck was reportedly traveling eastbound and the passenger vehicle was headed westbound when the accident occurred.
The unidentified motorist remained trapped under the Bronco until Price emergency and county ambulance personnel were able to raise the vehicle to remove the victim.
The injured motorist was transported to Castleview from the scene, then was transported to a Wasatch Front hospital for medical treatment.
A baby traveling inside the Bronco was removed from the vehicle immediately after the collision occurred. The youngster appeared to have survived the mishap without injury.
Traffic came to a complete stop for approximately 15 minutes following the accident on U.S. 6. The delay was caused by the Bronco, which was located directly on the center line of the roadway. The collision spread debris up and down the travel lanes for approximately 100 feet.
The investigation into the cause of the mishap continues.

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