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Letter to the Editor: Say “no” to Fee Demonstration Program

By Sun Advocate

Now is your chance to stand up for freedom in your own back yard. The Fee Demonstration program that took away your right to freely travel your canyons and much of the forest, is up for comment from the public.
“Those who would trade their land and freedom upon it for outhouses, deserve neither”
Are you willing to trade your freedom on public lands for outhouses? Well that is what the Fee Demonstration program suggests. Ask any lawyer. If you willingly pay a fee to enter a property, you are admitting that you are not an owner of that land. Think of it; in one fell swoop con artists in the government took away your land and your freedom upon it
Freedom loving leaders of the past realized the importance of free public lands. Most of America’s founders came from nations where the land primarily belonged to the king or his lords. Anyone who didn’t pay the bribe or other payment of some sort to get on the land got an arrow between the shoulder blades or got their hands cut off if they were caught on the land.
Consider the fact that the government knows they can get money for improvements on this land by indirect taxes, but instead some have opted for an in your face, direct demand for their paid permission, before you enter the land thus crushing any notions you may have had about the land being yours or you having freedom upon it.
Many of the general statements coming from the public are favorable to the program. It appears some like the program and prefer outhouses to freedom. This is a sad indication ofjust how far removed Americans are becoming to the concept of freedom. The Founders of America did all in their power to get governments thumb off their necks, and we are doing all we can to put it back on.
Tell the Forest Service how you feel, after all it was your Forest.

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