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Letter to the Editor: Wells belong to Helper

By Sun Advocate

In reference to the article in the Sun Advocate on May 29, 2003 referring to: “Utah ground water supplements stream, river surface supply.”
You show a photograph of Helper’s wells near Colton and which runs towards Scofield. These wells (all of them) belong to Helper City.
Your article states that “Price City has wells in Spring Canyon that are along Highway 96 on the way to Scofield. Price city does not own any of these wells. I was Helper City Recorder when Helper, under the mayorship of Chris Jouflas, had the old pipes replaced and connected the new pipes to a uniform water collecting system to bring this undergound water to Helper City. As you say, “wells are highly regulated” and Helper can furnish records of the re-building of these lines.
I think you should make a correction, since Price does not have wells from Colton to Scofield.
(We stand corrected. Editor)

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