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Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in cemetery

By Sun Advocate

I am writing this letter, because of my disappointment and concern for the looks over Memorial Day weekend of the Price City cemetery.
I do understand the concern for the conservation of water and the importance of water rationing. However, it seemed some sections of the cemetery close to the road were getting water, while others further back were not. Was this rationing or lack of water only for the the cemetery, on the busiest weekend of the year? Most city cemeteries were well taken care of so people and families could be together on that one important day.
I have been coming to the Price cemetery for as long as I can remember. I have many loved ones buried in Price, and to think I traveled 325 miles only to see the grass burning up. It was very disappointing, and disturbing to find out it was an order from the city.
My loved ones deserve the perpetual care they were promised, when their lots were purchased.
I hope others were not traveling through your quaint little town and judging it by the looks of your cemetery on Memorial Day weekend.

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