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Letter to the Editor: Audit the CIA

By Sun Advocate

Congress of the United States, who appropriates money, should conduct an audit of the Central Intelligence Agency.
There is no excuse or reason for the secrecy of where the money they spend goes and who the CIA is investigating.
We should never have had the dismissal of Douglas McArthur mainly over the CI A sharing military intelligence and secrets with the United Nations security council during the Korean War, which allows any would be enemy of the United States to have access to our military planning.
We would never have had the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, that sent half a million troops into another no win war in South Vietnam if congress had known where the money was going.
We would never have had the Iran-Contra affair of casting central American Indians against Spanish people, which did great harm to the US concerning our relationship with Mexico, central and south America. Those relationships are still unrepairable.
The administrative branch of government is too easily manipulated by the CIA in the form of abusing the War Powers Act. The War Powers Act should be repealed in its entirity.
It was passed on Dec. 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. It may have been a necessity at the time, yet the parts that were not repealed after the war still allow the secretary of commerce to have too much power in our foreign affairs and trade relations policy. This power destroys labor and deserts small business. It also gives too much power to huge corporations that control our destiny every time we change presidents.
The emergency removal of Japanese-American citizens from the west coast during World War II had no validity as to us winning the conflict. The emergency of giving the administration power to make war in Iraq was not needed. The war powers act is a violation of American rights.
The United Nations will never work and if it does it will work for evil, against our national defense. Congress should regain the constitutional powers to declare war, just as the document itself states.
We need world trade and we need the CIA, yet we can have both without the UN and the War Powers Act.
I am sure the person who wrote the UN charter would not agree with me on the subject of declaration of liberty as being part of the constitution. But I think Dr. Martin Luther King and perhaps even President Bush would.

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