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Helper survey provides information to planning and zoning board



By Sun Advocate

Chari Basso detaches a yellow survey form from a mailbox last Saturday morning. Helper residents woke up to find the pamphlets hanging on door handles, mailboxes and fences and are urged to complete the survey and turn it into Helper city hall by June 10. The survey gives city planners an idea of what the community wants to see changed or improved in the Carbon County city.

Last Saturday Helper residents found a survey pinned to their mailbox concerning their feelings about their city.
The survey that was prepared by members of the Helper City Planning and Zoning Commission has been put together so that city officials can learn more about how residents feel about their town.
At the last Helper City Council meeting two weeks ago, the survey was presented to council members who thought the idea was a very good one, and agreed to let the commission use volunteer help to pass out the survey. The survey can be submitted to Helper City Hall up to and including June 10.
The feeling among many of those who were in on preparing the survey is that people need a way to voice their opinions in a anonymous way.
The survey covers a number of areas about the city from the effectiveness of city services to what they like and don’t like about the town in general.
Many residents were surprised to see the surveys despite the fact the word had gone around town about the upcoming delivery and the fact the Sun Advocate reported it would be coming after the council meeting.
Once the surveys are collected, members of the planning commission will work to compile people’s concerns, report back to the council and work to utilize the information for the betterment of the community.

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