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County planning board adopts culvert standard



By Sun Advocate

Debbie Barney works during a warm afternoon painting a sign on a business window in Helper. For several years, Barney has been using windows across Carbon County as her canvas. Although the artwork is bound to come down, the local painter says most of the time it doesn’t bother her too much to see her paintings destroyed when property owners wash or scrap them off the windows.

The Carbon planning board addressed several minor subdivision changes and a rezoning request from a gas exploration company at the panel’s meeting Tuesday.
Members also discussed approving a conditional use permit for the gas company and reviewed information along with recommendations from the county department’s staff.
Acting on a development issue, the board official adopted a standard for drainage culverts installed in new projects in the county.
“People often came in and asked what size the culverts they needed to install should be and I just told them it needed to at least 18 inches,” explained Dave Levanger, building and planning director. “That is just what we always had stated.”
“Then one day, someone asked me where that was written down and I realized that we didn’t actually have it noted anywhere,” added the county building and planning director.
Levanger pointed out that county roads supervisor Ray Hansen has been concerned about road encroachment and the use of culverts.
“We just think that the culvert’s size and installation needs to adhere to some type of formal requirement when new construction is being done,” stated Levanger. “That requirement should be at least 18 inches so that they don’t get plugged up too easily. As for length, that should be left up to the county engineer based on each individual case.”
After a short discussion, the county planning and zoning board members voted to adopt the requirements recommended by Levanger.
After reviewing unrelated agenda items at the meeting, the planning and zoning board members:
•Agreed to a request to amend the Blue Hill subdivision amended plat to reflect the property lines in the area.
“This isn’t a question of changing property lines between owners, but lots and property that is owned by the same owner,” noted Levanger.
•Forwarded a request from JW Operating Company to rezone three two-acre pads in the Whitmore Park area for three gas wells to the Carbon County Commission.
The board members also recommended approving conditional use permits for the gas wells, provided the company will mitigate erosion in the area and put in cattle guards with gates on all roads
One of the company’s proposed drilling sites is located within one-quarter mile of Soldier Creek.
“The problem with having gates is that often they get left open and cattle stray,” said county planning panel member R.D. Campbell. “Cattle guards need to be required.”
Representing JW Operating at the meeting, Don Hamilton pointed out that the property owner wanted gates, but felt there would be no problem with installing cattle guards as well.
•Recommended that the county commission approve a three-lot subdivision near 5200 South and Utah State Road 10.
Some discussion ensued with concerned parties about access, as well as the problems with turn lanes from SR-10 into the area.
Part of the access may have to be routed through state trust lands property. Therefore, the matter will have to be worked out with the state agency.
In addition, the planning and zoning staff drafted a report explaining how the county’s development code relates to bed and breakfast establishments, dude ranches and similar operations.
The staff also updated the board members about the planning department’s evaluation of areas with access problems.
One subdivision currently under construction in north Carbonville and a proposed site near the Mountain Fuel facility have brought to light concerns about existing roads and access across the railroad tracks
The planning and zoning department staff will continue to explore the matter, then present the most viable options to the board at a future date.

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