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Letter to the Editor: Look within

By Sun Advocate

I am writing regarding the fear being let out at this time due to personal hardships, plus the terror we are experiencing from outside sources.
I certainly understand there is a reason for this, but we need to begin seeing the plan as a way to station ourselves within ourselves, and quit looking outside for answers and comfort, for they are not to be found. Answers and comfort all lie within. So, when we hear and see the “awfulness” we need to say to ourselves, “This is horrible. But at the same time I must focus inside in order to help my personal and political situation.”
Fear is rampant right now and will continue. Yet, let’s make a strong effort to be settled inside and reduce our fear. The more we fear, the more we fear.
We can have involvement, without the horror working on our psyche. This is a hard concept, and acting upon it is even more straining, yet we must keep these thoughts in our minds and hope they will take force.

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