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Letter to the Editor: a Traffic Light would do

By Sun Advocate

An interesting news article in the Salt Lake Tribune recently caught my attention.
The article concerned plans originally proposed for an expensive highway interchange project on U.S. Highway 40 and River Road north of Heber City.
The piece went on to state that the interchange is not necessary because of a traffic light at the intersection. The Utah Department of Transportation no longer has a case of improving safety there as the traffic light has dramatically reduced accidents.
My thoughts are this. Why does UDOT insist on constructing a 1.1 mile overpass structure at the north Helper intersection with US 6 when it is proven that traffic lights will solve the situation as in Heber City?
The Helper overpass project has a price tag of $13 million. Wouldn’t this money be spent much more wisely in the Red Narrows area of Spanish Fork Canyon?

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