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Drivers cautioned to comply with traffic rules in construction zones

By Sun Advocate

Several highway improvement projects in the eastern region of the state that the Utah Department of Transportation has been working on continue to move forward.
Roadway improvements taking place in the Carbon County area include the two- to four-lane expansion of U.S. Highway 6 between Price and Wellington and the Helper interchange project.
At present, the project between Wellington and Price is on track. Crews are working to move utility lines in preparation for the actual road construction phase.
According to UDOT officials, the completion of the lane expansion project is expected by November of 2004.
The Helper interchange between the town’s Main Street and U.S. Highway 6 is also expected to be finished by November 2004 as well, indicated the transportation department representatives.
Presently, utility lines are being moved and relocated.
The project in the canyon between Sheep Creek Road and the Tucker rest area from mileposts 196 through 200 is also continuing.
The work is primarily concentrated on the southside of the road, since the north side of the four-lane section was completed last summer.
The concrete barrier that separated the old road bed from the new one has been removed and safety barrels have replaced it. However, the transportation department indicated that the road width remains narrow so Carbon County motorists should be careful while traveling in the area.
According to the contractor, the road base is almost finished and paving will begin on the highway within the current week.
Trucks hauling the material for the road will be using the highway, so flaggers will be taking up position to control traffic in the area.
The traffic lane built last year from Sunnyside Junction to the top of Cat Canyon from mileposts 252 through 256 does not have workers at the site. But a gravel overlay has been placed on that section of road to fortify the pavement so there may be some loose gravel in the area, indicated UDOT.
Closer to Green River, U.S. 6 from milepost 263 to 278 is being chipped and sealed. Traffic is reduced to one lane travel in both directions, with the speed limit reduced in the work zone.
Transportation officials expect the project should be completed sometime in June. But motorists should expect to encounter delays until then.
Two projects are being done by UDOT on Highway 10 between Price and Huntington in Emery County.
The first is a chip and seal project near Hiawatha Junction with traffic reduced to one lane. Officials advise motorists should to expect delays as crews work toward completing this project by the end of the week.
The other work being done in this area are passing lanes that are being added to the highway between Huntington and Poison Springs Bench. This is being done in five sections of the highway and currently, crews are working mostly on the side of the highway. There may be some minimum delays however. All the lanes should be done by May of next year indicated the transportation department.
Motorists are reminded that speeding in construction or maintenance work zones can lead to double fines for the offense and the Utah Highway Patrol is continually monitoring work areas for problems and speeders.

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