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High Speed DSL Spreads Throughout Carbon Area



By Sun Advocate

Michael Glasson of Price was Emery Telcom’s lucky customer in a recent DSL promotion. He is pictured above with Larry Salazar, external relations manager and Mike Watson, Director of Internet Services, both with Emery Telcom.

Emery Telcom is paving the way for thousands of local residents to access the Autobahn of the information superhighway by making Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) more affordable.
As Governor Mike Leavitt pushes for broadband internet access statewide, the telecommunications company is contributing to this effort by providing area residents who either use dial-up or do not have access to the Internet, the opportunity to experience high-speed DSL for relatively the same price as dial-up.
“With businesses and government agencies increasing their online services, the role of high-speed Internet access like DSL is becoming an extremely valuable tool for local residents,” said Greg Killpack, general manager of Emery Telcom.
“We want to give the local residents the same conveniences as that of their big-city counterparts.”
The DSL upgrade allows internet users to access heavy-graphic web sites at a fraction of the time required for dial-up. This also means users are able to download and upload much larger files such as music, photographs, forms and games.In addition, DSL is far less likely to slow down during high-traffic times as it would on other broadband systems.

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