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City unveils new website



By Sun Advocate

Price city information systems specialists, Tam Gregerson and Brett Cammans look at the computer screen that shows the front page of the city’s new web site. The site was unveiled last week following many weeks of programming and networking.

There’s a new website in town. This site is located at http://www.pricecityutah.com.
Price city is committed to not just keep up with technology, but to being on the leading edge, according two Brett Cammans and Tam Gregerson, informational officers for the city.
They have developed three and six month plans as well as one and three year plans. These are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to assure, that they have the best equipment at the best price possible the information specialistsexplained.They also make sure the end users are trained on both hardware and software, and are committed to improve their efficiency and reduce costs and down time.
Cammans explained that the city has laptop computers in all the police officers’ cars and plans are in process to make all systems wireless (LAN) systems.
“This is at a tremendous cost savings to the tax payer plus more cop cars on the road more of the time, less breakdowns and improved communications through out the city helped reduce costs and increase productivity,” Cammans commented.
Price city just launched their new website and Cammans and Gregerson recently unveiled the site at city hall.
“It was programmed to be the most user friendly website available,” they explained. “It includes links to almost everything imaginable, both in the city and links outside of the city.”
“We have a vision of the future,” says Cammans. “It is to make Price a destination city for business residents and tourists.”
They explained that it’s the city’s goal to gas up, grab a bite and head south. Nine Mile Canyon, San Rafael Swell, beautiful mountains, lakes, trails, rock art all add to the photographic opportunities, “that are just part of what we need to let the state and the world know about here in Price.”
“Our goal is to lead every city in the state in computer technology always keeping in mind the best interest of those of us who live and work here, our city employees and the citizens of Utah and our many other tourist friends,” the team summarized.
The team of computer experts bring together combined knowledge of all computer, networking and software components. Together they have expertise in hardware, networking, software and databases.
According to community director Nick Tatton, their combined efforts have saved the city a great deal of money.
Price city’s advanced wireless system incorporated the police department, pool, parks and cemetery on a state of the art wireless network. This system allows the police department complete access to Price city networks, state and federal police databases as well as audio and video communications from each patrol car. The police department secured funding for this project through federal grants and the department has already been recognized throughout the country for implementation of this ground breaking technology and the improvements it is making toward public safety.
The Price city horizon logo is visible on every page and is the link back to the home page.
The systems officers explained that the site is built to allow department managers the ability to change a public message and links through a simple web page. Content can also be added and instantly available.
An employee section has been provided to allow access to forms and information pertaining to city operations.

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