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Baseball season ends in disappointment for the Carbon Dinos



By Sun Advocate

Garrett Schmitz makes a break for third base during the bottom of the seventh inning at the state tournament. Schmitz scored the final run for the Dinos against the Dixie Flyers last Thursday afternoon.

After capturing the Region 8 title with an 8-0 record for the season and an overall record of 14-7, the Carbon High Dinos entered the state tournament May 10 as they hosted two first round games.
During this weekend, the Carbon team captured a victory over Park City and fell to Snow Canyon.
The 1-1 record pushed the Dinos ahead in the state tourney, but this meant that the team could not lose a second game in order to keep their state title dream alive.
So as the Dinos kicked off the second round of tourney action May 15, the team knew that it was do-or-die time. The opponent on Carbon’s schedule was the Dixie Flyers who entered the game with a 15-7 overall record.
With similar records to their credit, both teams entered the match up determined to advance in the tourney. Unfortunately, only one team would.
As the action kicked off, Carbon jumped ahead of the Flyers early after scoring a run in the bottom of the second.
The run would be the only one scored by either team until the seventh and final inning.
Carbon pitcher Troy Grundy had a successful day at the mound as he forced strike out after strike out against Dixie. By the end of seven, Grundy had struck out 12 hitters.
The game remained relatively calm throughout the first six innings, but the top of the seventh is when chaos errupted.
Dixie was trailing the Dinos 1-0 when they stepped up to bat. Carbon knew that if they stopped the Flyers from scoring a run, they would capture the state tourney win.
With this thought in mind, the Dinos stepped out onto the field and the Flyers stepped up to bat.
Grundy pitched well, but Dixie had their best hitters all lined up who caused a commotion amoungst the Dino team.
Quickly, the Flyers scored two runs and the Dinos started to feel the pressure. What was once a ball game that was all but won by the Dinos had now become an all out war.
As the Dino team met at the pitchers mound to give Grundy confidence, the remaining team members stood in the dugout quietly as they anticipated the next bit of action.
After play resumed, Dixie launched a hitting offense once again. With one player on second base, Lex Ence from Dixie launched a home run which forced the score to 4-1.
The Dinos were beginning to feel the pressure at this point and Grundy finished off the inning by striking the last few hitters out.
Now it was time for the Dinos to shine as they stepped up to bat in the game deciding inning.
Carbon catcher Garrett Schmitz hit a double for the team and advanced to second base.
While holding tight at second, the Dinos had a strike out followed by a bunt which allowed Schmitz to advance to third.
The Dino bunter was tagged out in between first and home and forced a second out in the inning for Carbon.
As Carbon’s hitters continued to try and make things happen, Schmitz jumped at the chance to run into home on a Carbon hit.
The score now stood at 2-4 in favor of Dixie and Carbon had one out before the conclusion of the game.
Unfortunatley, the Dinos weren’t able to connect with the ball and were forced out of the playoffs by Dixie.
Next season will be a rebuilding year for the Dinos as they work toward strengthening their weaknesses and building on their strengths. For the past several years, Carbon has been a dominant force in Class 3A baseball and next season should be no different.
Despite the disappointing ending to a successful season, Carbon left the field with their heads held high.
The team knew that despite not winning a state title, they were still winners.

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