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Accident Delays Traffic Flow on SR-10



By Sun Advocate

Price city emergency crew members Carey Seals and Mindy Jepson work to ‘stabilize’ a cage of rats and one of mice after the passenger vehicle the rodents were riding in collided into the side of a haul truck at the junction of Utah State Road 10 and Ridge Road last Thursday.
The accident reportedly occurred the morning of May 15 when the car pulled to the left and attempted to pass a second large truck turning east onto Ridge Road.
The driver of semi traveling westbound on Ridge Road purportedly could not see the car, which was concealed by the second truck.
When the big rig pulled into the intersection to head south on SR-10 toward Emery County, the small passenger vehicle reportedly struck the truck in the middle of one of the rig’s trailers.
Two people traveling inside the motor vehicle were transported to Castleview Hospital with injuries sustained in the accident. The rodents were riding on the back seat of the passenger car and did not sustain injuries in the mishap.

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