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Letter to the Editor: Respect from Jazz

By Sun Advocate

The Utah Jazz are obviously very caring organization, with sincere relations to the community. However, with all their generous attributes, I am appalled by the position the organization takes allowing their team to openly display the showing of no respect when our flag is being raised and our national anthem is being sung at the opening exercises of games.
John Stockon has been the only member of the team the television cameras pan in on that is standing up straight with his hand over his heart and looking at the flag. During this time, on either side of him are other team members chewing gum, looking down at the floor or up at the ceiling, putting on a display of being totally bored and annoyed during the solemn opening exercises.
The management of the team controls the purse strings of the players. Prior to signing a contract they have the right to state “If you sign with the Jazz you will show proper respect and attitude toward our flag and our national anthem,” or there will be no contract.
The majority of Utahns would rather see the proud respect toward our national anthem and flag by members of the team than the winning of a game. There should be no exceptions made to this except one. That is for Andrei Kirilenko, who is Russian and should not have to place his hand over his heart. However, he should be required to stand proudly.

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