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Letter to the Editor: Parades not enough

By Sun Advocate

Each year members of the congress co-sponsor a House bill to allow concurrent receipt of VA disability benefit and military pension, it seems to be that more than mere sponsorship is called for on these bills. Each year recently Congress has congratulated itself on continuing to keep this bill going, but it gets shunted into subcommittees to languish for another year without action.
Meanwhile, the very people who could use this money, the elderly veterans of this nation, continue to do without because the nation they defended does not actually care enough to pass and fund this legislation. Putting these funds into the hands of the nation’s veterans will do more to “stimulate” the economy than tax cuts that favor the well-to-do and business.
It is not enough to publicly thank the veterans and have parades.The nation needs to reward their sacrifices and service with concrete assistance in the form of deserved pension and disability benefits.
As it is now, the veterans “pay” for their own disability by losing that amount from their military pension. What injustice!

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