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Kourianos resigns from Price City Council

By Sun Advocate

After serving 16 months on the Price City Council, Liz Kourianos has resigned from the position, effective April 25.
In response to the announcement, the Price council conducted an emergency closed meeting April 30 to discuss replacing Kourianos.
During a visit Wednesday morning, Kourianos told Price Mayor Joe Piccolo that “there was incompatibilities in their management styles.”
Piccolo indicated that he had no idea of the magnitude of any problems prior to the council member’s resignation, which he received via an e-mail message on April 25 at 1:15 a.m.
A few hours prior to the message, Piccolo and Kourianos attended a Price Cultural Connection committee meeting. No indication of any problems contributing to the council member’s decision to resign was given by Kourianos at the meeting, indicated the mayor.
“I have relied on the council members to step up to the responsibilities to carry out our overall goals, vision, tasks and objectives. Part of what I feel has been an important aspect of this new culture has been communication,” noted Piccolo.
The mayor indicated that he was unable to correct any problem Kourianos was experiencing since he was unaware of the magnitude of the situation.
Kourianos’ responsibilities included acting as the council representative for planning and zoning, serving on the shade tree commission, overseeing the city’s electric and shop departments as well as the swimming pool, the Price Cultural Connection and chairing International Days.
“I wish Liz the best and have the highest regard for her work. The last thing I expected was her resignation,” stated Piccolo.
By state law, the council has 30 days to select a replacement. Following the announcement of the open position, the council will have one week to interview candidates and another week to make the final selection.
“I have full faith in the majority of the council to act in the best interests of the city and we are fortunate that we have an incredible city staff to carry out their duties,” commented Kourianos during a later interview.

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